Photo Credit: Dustin Pasteur, AIA

The highlight of Tour Tampa Bay Architecture is a self-guided walking tour of significant architecture in Downtown Tampa. An interesting array of 22 historic, modern, sustainable, award-winning and critically acclaimed buildings and locations are featured. Information is, in most cases, only accessible once your reach the building, by scanning a QR Code that has been placed on or near it. This way you are able to truly appreciate and experience it. The location of the QR Code is shown in the photo marking the building location on the downtown map.

Find the code on or near the building, scan the code using the FREE QR code software on your mobile device and access information about the history, architecture, architect and other interesting facts. Almost all pages have short multimedia clips and more detailed information is available to read.

In the event, the QR code is missing, please use the following links to learn about each building.

101 South Franklin - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_15-html

103 South Franklin - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_16-html

Glazer Children’s Museum - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_17-html

Historic Federal Courthouse / Le Meridien - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_7-html

Historic Tampa City Hall - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_9-html

Kiley Garden - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_2-html

Oaklawn Cemetery - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_12-html

Rivergate Tower - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_1-html

Sacred Heart Catholic Church - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_8-html

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_18-html

Saint Paul’s United Methodist Episcopal Church - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_19-html

Tampa Bay History Center - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_11-html

Tampa Firefighters Museum - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_20-html

Tampa Museum of Art - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_14-html

Tampa Theater - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_6-html

Tampa Union Station - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_21-html

The Arlington Hotel - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_22-html

The Florida Aquarium - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_10-html

The Floridan Hotel - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_23-html

The Kress Building - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_5-html

University of Tampa - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_3-html

USF CAMLS Building - http://tourtampabayarchitecture.com/page_24-html


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The expansion of Tour Tampa Bay Architecture has been financed in part with historic preservation grant assistance provided by the Bureau of Historic Preservation, Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State, assisted by the Florida Historical Commission. However, the contents and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Florida Department of State, nor does the mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation by the Florida Department of State.